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Royal Columbian Hospital Mental Health

Located in New Westminster British Columbia, the Royal Columbian Hospital Wellness Centre is a state-of-the-art centre for people with mental health and substance use concerns.

Ambient Dynamics collaborated with the consultant and installer closely to translate a clever design into a reality.  By being a leader in Modular Heat Recovery Chillers across British Columbia, Ambient Dynamics was able to provide the ideal equipment for this project. The chiller in this building produces hot water as well as chilled water to help with air conditioning for public places.

Special thanks to Modern Niagara for their key work in achieving productivity and effectiveness in this project.

Product Benefits:  

Equipment: Modular Heat Recovery Chiller

  • Produces hot water temperature while cooling
  • Able to operate at variable water flow
  • True redundancy

Consultant: Stantec

Contractor: Modern Niagara

Minnekhada Middle School District 43

Minnekhada Middle School is one of many schools in the greater Vancouver area that underwent a Seismic replacement transformation turning old middle school into a modern looking building certified with LEED Gold. The  Port Coquitlam school is equipped with Mini Air Handling Units supplied by Ambient Dynamics. The base design in this project was of high priority to find a solution while maintaining a quiet working environment for both faculty and students. With great communication and dedication Ambient Dynamics met the high requirement of finding a solution that performs well, and is versatile in configuration.

Product Benefits:

Equipment:  MQL Series – Mini Air Handling Units

  • MQL Series mini air handling units have switchable motors allowing for an adjustable configuration and ease of service access.
  • Quiet equipment ideal for schools
  • Fabricated in North American
  • Versatile configuration

Consultant: Integral Group

Contractor: Raven Plumbing and Heating

Camosun College

Camosun College

Low noise and high efficient chillers in Camosun College

To upgrade the HVAC systems, it is essential the new equipment satisfies all requirements such as footprint, performance, and access limitations in the buildings.

In Camosun college, the occupants in Technologies Center and Liz Ashton Campus Center suffered from the noise of chillers located in the buildings’ mechanical rooms. Since the units were close to their end of life, the college decided to replace the old water-cooled chillers with the most updated technology in the market.

In this project, Ambient Dynamics supplied two air-cooled chillers. The chiller in Technologies Center was supplied with a remote condenser to meet the building’s restrictions. Also, to reduce the noise level of both chillers, oil free turbocor compressors and AXItop Diffusers were provided. Arctic chillers successfully met the demanded noise level in this project.

Noise level reduction was not the only achievement in this project. Thanks to the Turbocor compressor technology, the new air-cooled chillers performed as efficient as the original water-cooled chillers. Removing the cooling towers, pumps, and associated piping, the new system recognized as a high efficient to such an extent that Camosun college met the requirements for energy incentives.

Burrard St Office

Burrard St Office

Low sound level Rooftop unit for residential neighborhood

For offices surrounded by residential buildings in a high traffic neighbourhood, it is essential to be able to reduce noise level pollution. In Burrard Street Office project, Ambient Dynamics developed a solution to provide high performance Heat Recovery Ventilator with a sound level even lower than specified level.

In this project, Ambient dynamics applied the latest technology to reduce redundant mechanical cooling, building energy consumption and associated cost. To meet this target, Ambient Dynamics supplied a fully customized Spinnaker rooftop unit with all required components assembled in the factory as a single comprehensive unit for ease of installation and reducing footprint.


Langara College

Langara College

Rosenberg Multi Fan Array in “house of teaching”.

Langara, one of the leading undergraduate institutions and well-recognized colleges in BC, now is recognized as one of the high efficient building in Vancouver.

In 2016, the collage decided to reduce energy consumption and increase the building efficiency by upgrading the existing system.  To satisfy demanded efficiency, Ambient Dynamics upgraded the building’s supply fans to the latest technology in the world.  In this project, Ambient Dynamics supplied Rosenberg multiple fan array which is the best solution for modulating air and controlling the air flow.

By supplying seven high performance fans,  Ambient Dynamics reduced the energy consumption, enhanced the energy efficiency, and decreased the noise level due to fans’ variable speed motors and sickle shaped axial blades.


Karen Magnussen Rec Centre

Karen Magnussen Rec Center

Retrofit reduce energy use and costs in a recreation center

Thanks to the chiller new technology, the center built in 1974 now is almost as efficient as a district’s new-construction. Karen Magnussen Community Recreation Centre which is operated  by North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission was established in 1974.

In 2016, the District of North Vancouver planned to supply additional heat to the recreation center by installation of a new biomass boiler. Since water cooled heat recovery chiller carries unique energy saving features,  Ambient Dynamics decided to implement this alternative solution to provide demanded load as well as reduce the cost of operation.

Now, with this new technology, the community enjoys reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission by 60 percent compare to prior usage.


UBC Old Student Building Union

UBC Old Student Building Union

High-efficient Hydronic Heat Recovery System in School

To meet high-efficient well-designed performance, Ambient Dynamics was awarded to supply all HVAC equipment for Student Union Building (SUB) project located in University of British Columbia in Vancouver. The project was renovating and converting the old building to the new building, UBC Life Building, with high efficient Hydronic Heat recovery system.

In this project, Ambient Dynamics was the single source supplier of HVAC hydronic equipment and provided heat pumps, custom Annexair handling unit, Enviro-TEC exhaust fan with heat recovery, Enviro-Tec VAV Boxes, Twin City exhaust fans, BAC fluid cooler, and Cimberio valves & hoses kits.