The Peak

The Peak
The Peak

The Peak

The Peak is a luxurious building perched on the edge of an approximately 10-acre wooden park; these West Coast modern penthouses offer breathtaking views of the pacific ocean, Stanley Park and the city skyline. Ambient Dynamics was a part of this project as the leading equipment supplier for Adiabatic Fluid Coolers and Hybrid Heat Pumps, helping optimize the building’s performance and efficiency.

Adiabatic Fluid Coolers:

  • A perfect combination for Vancouver’s moderate climate
  • Alternative to a closed-loop cooling tower
  • Price Competitive
  • No water treatment required

Hybrid Heat Pumps

  • Utilizes the compressor in cooling mode
  • Heating mode accomplished with hot water coils
  • Energy-efficient thanks to less compressor usage
  • Quiet equipment during winter operations

Equipment Supplier: Ambient Dynamics

Products: Adiabatic Fluid Coolers and Hybrid Pumps

Consultant: Pinching

Contractor: Airstream Heating and Air Conditioning