Camosun College

Camosun College

Low noise and high efficient chillers in Camosun College

To upgrade the HVAC systems, it is essential the new equipment satisfies all requirements such as footprint, performance, and access limitations in the buildings.

In Camosun college, the occupants in Technologies Center and Liz Ashton Campus Center suffered from the noise of chillers located in the buildings’ mechanical rooms. Since the units were close to their end of life, the college decided to replace the old water-cooled chillers with the most updated technology in the market.

In this project, Ambient Dynamics supplied two air-cooled chillers. The chiller in Technologies Center was supplied with a remote condenser to meet the building’s restrictions. Also, to reduce the noise level of both chillers, oil free turbocor compressors and AXItop Diffusers were provided. Arctic chillers successfully met the demanded noise level in this project.

Noise level reduction was not the only achievement in this project. Thanks to the Turbocor compressor technology, the new air-cooled chillers performed as efficient as the original water-cooled chillers. Removing the cooling towers, pumps, and associated piping, the new system recognized as a high efficient to such an extent that Camosun college met the requirements for energy incentives.