Ambient Dynamics Ltd. is a manufacturers’ representative, distributor and service provider of HVAC and Refrigeration equipment throughout British Columbia.  Offering decades of experience, we provide in-depth application expertise and technical support along with a full complement of industry leading products for heating and cooling systems and air quality.

Our core equipment includes Custom Air Handling Units, Water Chillers, Energy Recovery Systems, and Contaminants Control. (See products page for a complete listing of products)

Our approach to the market focuses on:

Consultants – Working closely with the engineering community to specify the right solution based on individual project demands

Contractors - Supporting the contractors by meeting the specification requirements at competitive prices, on time delivery and comprehensive field support

Owners - Offering long term, trouble-free operation, maximized energy savings and hassle-free support

Our mission is to be product and system experts and the preferred supplier to users, contractors and engineers in British Columbia.